AR15 – Polymer vs Alloy Lower Receiver

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  2. Paul Renick says:

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  3. MrFiremandingo says:

    I just bought a stripped Omni lower as the completes were nowhere available. Any idea where I can get the budget internals and stock for these lowers? I am on a budget and thats why I went with the omni.

  4. NeverEnuffAmmo says:

    Try palmettotatearmoryDOTcom

  5. TurkeyShootps3 says:

    whats that stock that has like the cut out. Did you do that or its from the factory. Not the moe the one ati lower

  6. NeverEnuffAmmo says:

    Its just a modified milspec stock. Just had the center section removed

  7. J.W. Hunt says:

    I’m just wondering what the difference is in long term wear between the materials.Like hardness. UMM Berneli hardness type thing if your following me?

  8. 4deere says:

    I currently have an ATI lower paired with a stag arms upper, and I was cautious at first but I have about 600 rounds through it and absolutely no hiccups at all. what is nice is one could actually put an AR together with these lowers for around five to six hundred dollars.

  9. Alal Telal says:

    got a PWA lower. anybody know anything about them?

  10. kentpayne3947 says:

    I have the BUSHMASTER carbon 15 I’ve put 2000 rounds thru it with the help of a slidefire stock not one single problem I LOVE IT !!

  11. NeverEnuffAmmo says:

    Yeah u can put together an inexpensive build with these

  12. Ockhams Razor says:

    I’ve been looking at a polymer lower for new fronted. If this works I’ll get one for my at build in January. Please keep us posted.

  13. chrischiampo says:

    100000000 Thumbs Up Matt Cant Wait To See How She Performs

  14. V8merc124 says:

    Do you know if they will do a poly upper? Or if anyone has made a poly upper? I know Bushy makes the C15 (only cali legal AR they sell)

  15. mercado391 says:

    the upper is the main expense and bolt carrier the rest is cake :)

  16. knightstalker1369 says:

    I have seen and had hangups with poly lowers and the carbons, got the bolt carrier sliding kinda stuck when new. If it happens, just lube the rear of your carrier with light grease, works every time. 7 polies and carbons btween me and friends

  17. wtfity556 says:

    I got 3 lowers from gunsmoke a while back for 80 bux a pop, I was thinking that i got a great deal on them. Turned out to be L.A.R lowers too.

  18. smokeu600 says:

    i talked to my buddy that has over 40 full auto firearms and he said that aluminum lowers have that thicker walls because it prevents peoples from making their lowers full autos.If you ever get your class 2 license and want to make your ar15 a full auto you would have to shave of the walls and install a full auto sear.I really don’t know why the polymer lowers don’t have thicker walls like that.

  19. Anzrul says:

    I have one of the New Frontier LW-15 lowers on my Adams Arms upper and it has done nothing but function just as well as any aluminum lower I’ve ever used. If this ATI is anything like the LW-15 then it is a GREAT lower for any build.

  20. lasoya1103 says:

    Is there a big difference in weight?

  21. NeverEnuffAmmo says:

    Yeah, there is a noticable difference, you can easily feel the difference when u hold them

  22. atnipjoe says:

    I prefer the aluminum lower those plastic polymer lowers eventually get cracks around the takedown pen and make them useless and  unfixable

  23. atnipjoe says:

    I’m not trying to give anyone a hard time about the polymer lower you buy what you can buy I was blessed I’m a machinist so I build my lowers from 80 percent receivers at work on my lunch break

  24. NeverEnuffAmmo says:

    Thats what they said about Glocks when they first came out. Its all about technology and economics. Soon enuff you’ll see a lot of firearms and firearms parts moving to polymer because the technology to make good durable polymers is advancing fast and you’ll start to see poly lowers with steel reinforcements to accommodate for any weak areas just s Glock did. The economic side of things are that it is simply much cheaper to produce poly frames and lowers in mass, even with reinforcements.

  25. atnipjoe says:

    Until recently though the price difference wasn’t really that much I’ve seen aluminum lowers for as low as 100 dollars before and I’ve seen polymer lowers go for about the same the right now it doesn’t even matter we all just need to get our hands on as much as possible while we still can

  26. Anthony Zeman says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to that! Just picked up a couple stripped lowers, and one is going to be an m4 kit with optics, so hopefully the lower weight lower offsets the optics a bit.

  27. Anthony Zeman says:

    <$700 will put together an M4 A3 upper kit, no sights with a 2 rail gas block though. Good to know there is not a reliability issue, getting ready to build one!

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